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Sunday 22 January 2017


The saying about regretting what you don\'t do rather than what you do comes to mind as a decision or dilemma in your emotional life or a close relationship could require you to take swift action. There might be little \'thinking time\' attached to it and this is a time when hesitation could cause a delightful opportunity to slip through your fingers. Act now or forever hold your peace!



Your friendship and social sector is about to brim with romantic opportunities so if you\'re a single Taurean looking for love, make an effort to mingle or connect now and during coming weeks. It\'s also possible the start of a new year could mark the beginning of a delightful love affair that imagination and creativity will play a big part in. One friendship has potential to deepen.



Your social and love lives could be forced to take a back seat to other domestic, family or career obligations but don\'t see any social invitations or suggestions from a loved one as irritating distractions. A bit of prioritizing could free you up to relax and enjoy the company of others and you might even be surprised how pampered or cared for you are by a certain person.



There could be much connected with your emotional life or a close partnership that doesn\'t need to be common knowledge among others and if you feel the time isn\'t right to make a particular announcement or that much in your personal life isn\'t anyone else\'s business, then keep a few cards close to your chest. You aren\'t obliged to succumb to any pressure from others.



You will likely have a good idea how far to press a loved one or potential partner to reveal what\'s on their mind and they might be oblivious to how transparent they are in terms of disguising it. Forcing any kind of exchange isn\'t an option. Try to focus on topics of conversation where common ground exists. A slow, gentle approach to encouraging trust could work perfectly.



Something planned during coming months could boost or even revive passion levels and it appears you could be integral to someone\'s passionate plan. New surroundings and new experiences await and could be the perfect tonic to strengthen a relationship. Imagination and creativity applied to plans made now can be fun and sexy at the same time!



Money matters could become a bone of contention in a close partnership and where you might not see any issue with splashing cash to enhance creature comforts, you can be certain a loved one thinks differently. The sky speaks of collaboration and teamwork boosting romantic prospects and perhaps coming up with fun and exciting ideas that won\'t break the bank can be a fun option!



Pursuing something close to your heart could cause a loved one or others close to you to feel sidelined. As much as they understand the importance to what you\'re determined to make happen, try to keep them in the loop or, better still, involved with your endeavor. Someone close could offer ideas or support in ways you could be very grateful for.



An underlying friendship in a relationship or budding romance is providing a fantastic footing for something special to be built upon but the real icing on the proverbial cake comes from focusing on what you and a certain person have in common. A shared interest or keenness to enjoy a particular experience could fire you and someone up to explore how it can be enjoyed together!



A romantic or relationship development isn\'t as far-fetched as you might believe it to be but you might need to apply a bit more patience than you intended to if it\'s to happen. There\'s no short cut or quick-fix solution to what is going to require time to evolve – especially if healing on any level is required! Stay focused on your personal objective and progress will be clear soon.



Be alert to what\'s conveyed in a very subtle way by a certain person because a very strong and possibly unsubtle message can be concealed within it. This could delight you and cause you to boost your cautiousness levels at the same time. Perhaps, someone\'s words are saying one thing but their action another? Be willing to spot the clues someone is keen for you to notice!



Just as you find yourself feeling resigned to having to accept some level of tediousness in your emotional world or a close relationship, you could be surprised in a very delighted way at what transpires with little or no warning. This needn\'t be Earth-shattering; it could be one small development that brings a smile to your face or touches your heart in a truly lovely way.

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